The Hurt Locker Tops Editors’ and Art Directors’ Awards

Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker won top honors at two separate award giving bodies, one by the American cinema editors and the other by the art directors guild. This might be a peek of probable winner in the upcoming Academy Awards.ADG-Award

The Art Directors Guild’s 14th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards (pictured) was held in Beverly Hilton Hotel last Saturday, February 13. Winners include:


  • CONTEMPORARY FILM: Karl Júlíusson – The Hurt Locker
  • FANTASY FILM: Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg – Avatar
  • PERIOD FILM: Sarah Greenwood – Sherlock Holmes


  • HALF-HOUR SINGLE CAMERA: Joseph P. Lucky -“Ducks and Tigers” episode of Weeds
  • ONE-HOUR SINGLE CAMERA:  Dan Bishop – “Souvenir” episode of Mad Men
  • TELEVISION MOVIE or MINISERIES: Kalina IvanovGrey Gardens
  • COMMERCIAL or MUSIC VIDEO CATERGORY: Absolut Anthem and Absolut World
  • AWARDS, MUSIC or GAME SHOW: 51st Annual Grammy Awards


  • Outstanding contribution to Cinematic Imagery Award: Warren Beatty.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Terence Marsh
  • Creative Leadership Award: Michael Baugh

The second one is from the 60th Annual American Cinema Editors (ACE) Eddie Awards held Sunday, February 14 also at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Winners include:


  • DRAMA: Bob Murawski and Chris InnisThe Hurt Locker
  • COMEDY or MUSICAL: Debra Neil-Fischer – The Hangover
  • ANIMATION: Kevin Nolting – Up
  • DOCUMENTARY: Geoffrey Richman – The Cove


  • HALF-HOUR SERIES: Ken Eluto – “Apollo Apollo” episode of 30 Rock
  • ONE-HOUR SERIES: Lynne Willingham – “ABQ” installment of Breaking Bad
  • ONE-HOUR SERIES FOR NONCOMMERCIAL TV: Louis Cioffi – “Remains to Be Seen” episode of Dexter
  • MINISERIES or MOTION PICTURE FOR TELEVISION: Alan Heim and Lee PercyGrey Gardens
  • REALITY SERIES: Kelly Coskran and Josh Earl – “Stay Focused and Die” installment of Deadliest Catch


  • STUDENT EDITING: Andrew Hellesen of Chapman University


  • ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year: Rob Reiner
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards: Paul LaMastra and Neil Travis