The Hydropolis: Dubai’s Underwater Hotel


Dubai is known for its extraordinary hotels, but the Hydropolis is something special.

This jaw-dropping engineering challenge is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel and resort. It will open its doors this month, offering guests 220 bubble-shaped suites within the submarine leisure complex.

Covering an area of 260 hectares, the $490 million complex sits approximately 60 feet underwater. Visitors will be welcomed at Jumeirah Beach, then an automatic train will take them for a 515-meter long tunnel ride straight to the hotel.

Though most part of the structure is located underwater, the twin domes of the hotel’s concert auditorium and ballroom will break through the surface. The ballroom’s retractable roof will allow guests to enjoy open-air events, with panoramic views of Dubai’s coastline and skyline. Beat that!

I know this would be a perfect getaway for lovers and honeymooners, but before you start planning on checking in, consider the price tag. The self-acclaimed 10-star hotel will be charging around $5,500 per night!

[Via Design Build Network]