The Rockets-Suns Brawl in the desert

rockets-suns brawl

Things got rough between the Suns and Rockets on Thursday.

With just a few seconds left in the third quarter, Houston guard Rafer Alston shoved Phoenix forward Matt Barnes. Alston said he pushed Barnes in retaliation, but his actions caused an even bigger fight.

Yao Ming hit the floor with no ill effects, and Steve Nash was lucky not to get hurt when he went flying into the scrimmage.

In the end, the Rockets beat the Suns 94 to 82.

The Suns played good enough defense, but just missed too many easy shots to win this one.

After the game, O’Neil told reporters: “Somebody pushed Steve so I had to take care of my little man. It wasn’t nothing serious, though, just a push and shoving match.”

Kudos to Shaq for clearing the damn floor!

Photo: AP