‘The Social Network’ Dominates National Society of Film Critics Awards

The_Social_network_film_posterThe awards season this year has started and the National Society of Film Critics has given yet another victory for The Social Network when it gave the film the most number of recognitions during its 45th annual awards presentation Saturday, January 8.

The film has been dominating critics’ groups awards. This is already its 11th win as best picture coming from a critic group including those from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Detroit, Boston, Indiana, Las Vegas, Utah and Washington D.C.

The Social Network took the awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

The largest film critics group organization in the United States and Canada, the Broadcast Film Critics Association, will be handing out its accolades on Friday, January 14. And yes, The Social Network is nominated for Best Film.

Here is the list of winners:

  • Best Film:
    • The Social Network
  • Best Director:
    • David FincherThe Social Network
  • Best Actor:
    • Jesse EisenbergThe Social Network
  • Best Actress:
    • Giovanna MezzogiornoVincere
  • Best Supporting Actor:
    • Geoffrey RushThe King’s Speech
  • Best Supporting Actress:
    • Olivia WilliamsThe Ghost Writer
  • Best Screenplay:
    • Aaron SorkinThe Social Network
  • Best Cinematography:
    • Roger DeakinsTrue Grit
  • Best Foreign Language Film:
    • Carlos
  • Best Film – Non-Fiction:
    • Inside Job
  • Best Film Awaiting American Distribution
    • Film Socialisme

Film Heritage Awards

  1. The Film Foundation (20-year anniversary)
  2. Chaplin at Keystone Flicker Alley
  3. Elia Kazan Collection (Fox)
  4. Upstream rediscovered 1927 film directed by John Ford. (National Film Preservation Foundation)
  5. On the Bowery (Milestone)
  6. Word Is Out (Restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive and distributed by Milestone)