‘The Social Network’ Retains Box Office Lead

The_Social_network_film_posterThe film depicting the founding of the world’s current most popular social networking site retains its lead in the box office during its second weekend.

The Social Network raked in 15.9 million dollars in its second weekend, enough to be unseated as top film for the weekend. Following on its heels are Life As We Know It with 14.7 million dollars and Secretariat which is at third with 12.6 million dollars.

“We had hoped for a hold [of the No. 1 spot] and felt great about the picture,” says Sony President for worldwide distribution Rory Bruer. “It turns out it was one of the best holds all year.”

Incidentally, the drop in sales is only at 30.9% from last week, breaking the record set by Inception (32%) for the smallest weekend drop in sales for a 2010 number one movie.

The film tells the story on how Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends in 2004. The film is already earning remarks as a contender for the Academy Awards next year. Zuckerberg retains that the story is not accurate.

The Social Network has now a total of 46 million dollars in sales. A budget of 50 million dollars was used for its production.