The Tablet Market After the iPad 2 Announcement

ipad 2Reports say Microsoft will not enter the tablet arena until late 2012 and a Samsung executive says that they are in trouble now that the thinner and price competitive iPad 2 has been announced.

“We will have to improve the parts [of the Galaxy Tab 10.1] that are inadequate. Apple made [iPad 2] very thin,” said Lee Don-joo, Samsung’s Mobile Division Executive Vice President.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a thickness of 10.9 millimeters which is more than 20% thicker than iPad 2’s 8.8 millimeters.

The iPad 2 is expected to dominate the tablet market, something that iPad parts suppliers Samsung, Toshiba and LG won’t give any comments to. The irony, of course, is that these companies produce their own tablets.

Meanwhile, Microsoft might be taking too long to enter the competition. Microsoft tablets are expected to be released sometime September next year. The public testing for Windows 8 won’t even begin end of the current year.

By the time Microsoft enters the market Google Android-based phones would probably have surged already and Apple will already be ahead by a couple years with the third-generation of the iPad already being used by the public.

The tablets also have to face the price war. iPad’s 499 USD entry level is a tough one to beat.