The three-fingered goalie

A young football goalkeeper who was born with only two fingers and one thumb on each hand is obsessed in becoming a pro in the Premier League. But because of his condition, Joseph Pritchard, 8, was unable to use standard football gloves.

He also had part of his leg surgically removed as a baby, preventing him from playing any position aside from goalie. His father Darren and his stepmom e-mailed several sports brands for help and Puma got back in touch.

three-fingered goalie

And Joseph received four pairs of the customized gloves for Christmas, each branded with his name.

He said: ‘I am really pleased with them. They are helpful to me because they won’t fall off when I am playing football.

“They are also more comfy. The gloves will make it easier for me to play football. They are one of the best presents I’ve ever had – I really love them,” he added.

(Via Mail Online)