The Top Ten Highest Paid Authors

jk-rowlingForbes keeps on releasing top paid personalities. This time around it issued the top ten highest paid authors for the year. Among those in the list is Stephanie Meyer and yes, she is still there, JK Rowling.

On the top of the list is James Patterson, the thriller novel writer is runaway winner earning 70 million dollars. Nine out of his many works have already been adapted either in television or film.

Meyer is boosting up her financial worth with yet another release of a film adaptation for The Twilight Saga. Her second place finish is high considering she did not release any new book for 2009.

Fifth-ranked Ken Follet‘s most notable work The Pillars of the Earth is currently being shown as a television mini-series adaptation.

John Grisham, the legal thriller author at number 8, has added a book in his bibliography that is aimed at a younger audience with the release of Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer.

Romantic fiction writer Nicholas Sparks is at the ninth position. His latest novel, Safe Haven will be released next month. It is already slated for a film adaptation, the eighth in his works.

Finally, the world’s first billionaire author JK Rowling is still in the list. With the last Harry Potter released in 2007, her income is slowly decreasing.

Here is the top ten list:
  1. James Patterson – $70 million
  2. Stephanie Meyer – $40 million
  3. Stephen King – $34 million
  4. Danielle Steel – $32 million
  5. Ken Follet – $20 million
  6. Dean Koontz – $18 million
  7. Janet Evanovich – $16 million
  8. John Grisham – $15 million
  9. Nicholas Parks – $14 million
  10. JK Rowling – $10 million