The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: A phenom of a show-stopping match

Wrestlemania 26

On Wrestlemania XXVI, two wrestling legends will face each other on the grandest stage of them all: “The Dead Man” The Undertaker will pit his winning Wrestlemania streak against “The Heart-Break Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Both the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have been known to revolutionize the wrestling scene for more than a decade. These two superstars have been former World Champions and is both known to have competed in WWE’s most memorable matches. Now, years after their last match, The Deadman and HBK will lock horns (probably) for the last time.

The Undertaker has an impressive 17-0 Wrestlemania record. Many came close to beating this streak though none have succeeded. However, who better to challenge the Phenom but the man he lost his belt to a few years back? This man is none other than Michaels himself. HBK issued the challenge to Undertaker and stated that he will retire should he lose to the Death Valley Demon. The Undertaker gladly accepted the challenge.

The pressure is on between the two ring legends. Will the streak be laid to rest by the Show-Stopper or will the Deadman bury HBK’s career? Their fates will be decided on March 28, 2010.

UPDATE: You can watch Wrestlemania 26 live online (free live stream) here.