Think twice before you steal that hotel towel

Linen Technology Tracking Chip

A lot of travelers have no hesitation about stuffing their luggage with a few souvenirs (especially robes and towels) from their hotel room. And I have to admit that at home, I have a collection of laundry bags, shower caps, pens, pencils, ashtrays, notepads, drinking glasses and toiletries. Now here’s a technology to keep us honest.

Miami-based Linen Technology Tracking has patented a washable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that can be sewn into towels, robes and bed sheets, allowing hotels to keep track of their linens. The chip, which reportedly can withstand up to 300 wash cycles, can trigger an alarm if a small-time crook tries to take a tagged item from the premises.

But here’s the good news: so far, just three establishments — in Miami, Manhattan and Hawaii — are using the anti-theft system, and it’s still okay to take those cute little lotions and extra rolls of toilet paper.