This cam takes amazing pictures as you throw it in the air [VIDEO]

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

In a quest to get a perfect panorama shot, five graphic designers in Berlin found a neat way to fuse a grapefruit-sized ball and 36 mobile phone cameras so they could shoot 360-degree panoramic images easily.

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera automatically takes photos when it reaches the pinnacle of its toss. It is padded with foam ( just in case you don’t catch it ) and the pictures can easily be downloaded via USB. The result is somewhat similar to Google Street View, only way cooler. The camera will be shown off at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 in December, where the designers hope to cull some interest and funding.

This video shows the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera in action:

[Hat tip to PetaPixel]