This high-tech piggy bank will teach your child the value of saving

Personal ATM

Times are tough and saving some extra cash is at the top of everyone’s priority list these days. But if you’re tired of the conventional piggy bank and need a smarter way to teach your kids the value of money this might help.

The Personal ATM works a lot like the actual automated teller machines; the only difference in this cash depository is that you get to play the role as your child’s personal banker. You can deposit money in it and at the same time set a a target savings amount and a days to save setting. The price is $44 (USD), which is pretty reasonable for a high-tech money box.

Here’s the personal ATM’s product description:

-coin depositing (single slot, auto measuring)
-note (dollar) depositing
-security card control
-password security (set by owner)
-saving target and time setting, money withdrawal
-check balance, check money still needed
-check saving days left, 8-digit calculator
-time and date display

[Hat tip to Inventor Spot]