This iPhone telephoto lens boasts an 8x optical zoom

iPhone Telephoto Lens

On its own, the Apple iPhone is a pretty sweet gadget. But its crappy digital zoom often produce some pretty awful results. If you want to get closer to your subject, what you really need is a telephoto lens, and screwing this weird device onto your phone might just do the trick.

Photography tips and tricks site Photojojo has unveiled a new telephoto lens that can apparently turn your beloved iPhone into portable paparazzi tool. It boasts an 8x optical zoom and it’s quite cheap ($35 inclusive of a collapsible tripod). The only disadvantage is that you need the annoying iPhone case that you twist the lens onto (also included in the kit).

Photojojo has some sample shots and they look pretty good. But seriously, if you want some high resolution snaps, just use your DSLR with monster lens.