This optical disc can be dipped in boiling water and still work


Millenniata and LG have decided to make an optical disc that’s super tough you can dip it in liquid nitrogen and then boiling water without harming it.

Called the M-DISC, the “stone-like” CD is playback compatible with any current DVD or Blu-ray drive. It’s translucent and weighs about the same as other types of DVDs but has been shown in government accelerated life tests to outlast all other recordable optical discs on the market.

From ComputerWorld:

Like DVDs and Blu-ray discs, the M-Disc platters are made up of multiple layers of material. But unlike the former, there is no reflective or die layer. Instead, during the recording process a laser “etches” pits onto the substrate material.

“Once the mark is made, it’s permanent,” said Millenniata CEO Scott Shumway. “It can be read on any machine that can read a DVD. And it’s backward compatible, so it doesn’t require a special machine to read it – just a special machine to write it.”

M-Discs will be available in October for under $3 each.