Thomas Beatie – “pregnant man” gives birth again


Thomas Beatie , “The Pregnant Man” as the media calls him/her, gave birth for the second time. The “transman” delivered a baby boy Tuesday morning.

Beatie, formerly known as Tracy, was born female but had gender re-assignment surgery and is now legally male.

“He” gained international attention in 2008 after becoming the world’s “first pregnant man”. Beatie opted to keep “his” female reproductive organs despite having undergone sex-reassignment surgery.

Barbara Walters broke the news of Beatie’s second pregnancy on ‘The View’ back in November. During her exclusive interview with Beatie entitled ‘What Is a Man, What Is a Woman? Journey of a Pregnant Man’, Thomas reveals that he opted to stop taking male hormone testosterone after Susan’s birth, so that he could still give birth.

Beatie is a transsexual and not a man! Changing someone’s gender and deflating one’s breasts will not make a woman a man. Oh please!

But anyway, I still want to congratulate “him”. Congratulations Mr. Seahorse!

[photo: Towleroad via MailOnline]