Three Music Must-Haves

Sony Bravia Theatre Micro System – If you have an affinity for tiny things, such as Polly Pocket, doll houses, or Japanese women, then you’ll love this sound system. The five satellite speakers and subwoofer are just over two square inches in size, and they produce the same 450 watts of sound power you find in other systems. At $700 it’s a real bargain, plus, it’s compatible with many other Sony Bravia products; just be sure it isn’t eaten by kids or pets!


Sony Sountina – If you find yourself looking at this sound system and choose it over a new car, we absolutely cannot blame you. At almost $12,000 the Sony Sountina is worth every red cent; it’s the perfect sound system for a minimalist with taste. It’s a six foot pillar or tower, made from glass, sporting cylindrical speakers that allow it to project sound all around a room; literally. It also includes its very own light shows; internal lighting changes colors slowly, between amber, blue and purple. The specs get even sexier with a 13cm woofer, a 7cm mid-range driver.


Livio Radio – This little radio looks like your average AM/FM standard box; look a little closer. It’s all digital and designed specifically for your Pandora account. The Livio Radio has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access, so from anywhere in your house, you can listen to a constant stream of your favorite tunes. At around $150 from the manufacturer, the price is right; but you can of course look for it on Internet marketplaces like eBay, and Amazon.


Contributed by Vernon of Latest Devices.