Tiger Woods files for dismissal of Devon James paternity case

Tiger Woods, just reeling from the multitude of issues of infidelity, had shot back against a porn star who filed a paternity case against him.

Tiger says he’s not the daddy and wants the case to be dismissed.

Devon James had filed last June a paternity case, claiming that her 9-year-old son was fathered by the famous golfer. The fifteenth alleged mistress of Tiger Woods had said that the paternity test was done back in 2002.

Celebrity news source TMZ.com has cited that the “DNA tests proved that the daddy was someone else.” The documents unearthed by TMZ shows that a man named Pele Watkins has the 99.9% chance of being the real father.

Devon, whose legal name is Melinda Jannette, was said to had been informed of this possibility since 2002.