Tiger Woods Woes Growing – Woman Claims Sex With Him, Cited for Careless Driving

JAIMEE-GRUBBS-alleged-tiger-woods-mistressA Los Angeles cocktail waitress claims she had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods and that she has the means to prove it while the golfer faces a careless driving citation.

Jaimee Grubbs told Us Weekly that they had began having a relationship in April 2007 and had sexual encounters for about 20 times. She claims she has some racy text messages and voice mail to prove her story.

Grubbs recently appeared in VH1‘s reality show Tool Academy making many to believe that she might just be doing this for the money, otherwise why wait until now to give her expose.

The interview came after another woman Rachel Uchitel was named by the National Enquirer of having an affair with Woods. She denied it.

But hold on, yet another woman claims she also had a relationship with Tiger. RadarOnline.com is stating that the unnamed woman is getting ready for a national revelation of their affair.

Meanwhile, regarding the accident, the golf player was cited by the Florida Highway Police for careless driving but there will be no criminal charges filed. He was fined $164 and 4 points off his license. 12 points are needed to suspend a license.

The case has now been closed as there is no sufficient evidence for any greater damages.