Timberlake Wins Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Grammy and Emmy Award winner Justin Timberlake was given a permanent three-year restraining order against obsessed fan Karen McNeil.

Los Angeles Superior Judge David Cunningham ordered McNeil, 48 to stay at least 100 yards away from Timberlake, his home, his car and places where the singer works.

McNeil was arrested October 22, 2009 at Timberlake’s home. McNeil was reported to have trespassed the property several times already, getting past through the house’s security measures. She even left notes for the singer.

Timberlake did not show up in the hearing as he is presumably working for the film, Social Network. He submitted a sworn declaration instead. McNeil was in court and she has been heard screaming after the court adjourned.

The sworn declaration of Timberlake stated that the musician called McNeil “obsessed and mentally unstable stalker” and that he “does not personally know or have any relationship with [McNeil].”

Reports show that McNeil have previously disobeyed a court order of protection granted to Axl Rose in 1997.