Timberlake’s new movie causes rift with Biel

Is there trouble in paradise?

Fresh from writing and performing songs, nay, an entire album, dissing infidelity and betrayal, Justin Timberlake lands in the middle of a hurricane of rumors accusing the singer of canoodling with former flame Cameron Diaz.

Entertainment source Us Weekly reports that Timberlake and Diaz openly flirt with each other while filming the romantic comedy Bad Teacher. Apparently, Diaz flounces off wearing tight clothes and acts all sassy with her former boyfriend of four years.

Reports are flying around on how Timberlake makes fun of his girlfriend Jessica Biel, behind her back. It has been also said that he has lost respect for Biel, who he had dated since 2008. Apparently, Timberlake was said to have accepted the role just to torture Biel.

This piece of news is really ironic, considering that Justin popularized songs like “Cry MeĀ  a River” and “What goes around, comes around“–all of which had bitter undertones about cheating in relationships.