Times Square Suspect Nabbed at JFK Airport

Times-Square-2The man who is suspected of setting up the smoking car in New York’s Times Square last Saturday, May 1, almost escaped from the United States.

Faisal Shahzad, born in Pakistan and now a naturalized US citizen, is already onboard a plane going to Dubai when his hopes of escape were dashed. The plane was already ready to taxi-off when it was asked to turn back from the runways of JFK Airport Monday, May 3.

Shahzad was charged with terrorism-related crimes. Police was able to trace him via the car he used last Saturday. The woman whom he bought the car from gave his cellphone number to the police. He was traced from that point on.

His name was added to the no-fly list but Shahzad was still able to buy plane tickets and pass security at the airport.

Customs only realized that Shahzad is on the plane 30 minutes before take-off.

According to court papers, Shahzad admitted that it was him who tried to detonate the bomb in Times Square last Saturday.