Titanic Lost Its Final Major Box Office Record

So the unsinkable already sank.Titanic-poster

The 1997 mega blockbuster hit Titanic finally lost its last major box office record after Avatar posted 601 million dollar US ticket sales Wednesday, February 3. The film about history’s most recognizable sea tragedy has held the record at 600 million dollars for the last twelve years.

Titanic sank to the silver spot in two other categories a week ago. It lost the record for highest overseas sales first and then eventually lost the title as highest grossing film of all time – something that many thought would be difficult to achieve as it has posted 1.8 billion dollars. That’s 700 million dollars higher than the previous ranked number two film, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Avatar has breached the 2 billion dollar mark already.

Avatar’s box office records are now at 11 while Titanic was reduced to 6, which includes records for 8th to the 12th weekends and most number of consecutive weeks at number 1 spot which is at 15 weeks.

The other fight that is being considered between the two is that if Avatar can also win the Oscars as Best Picture, something that Titanic did. Titanic is tied for most number of Oscar wins at 11. Avatar garnered only 8 nominations.

James Cameron directed both films. After he directed Titanic he took a rest, and then directed his next film Avatar 12 years later.

Some are questioning Avatar’s performance. The sales were greatly boosted by being a 3D movie. Also, if inflation factor (it is still post-recession time) is considered, Avatar would be ranking far below the list. It may mean that Titanic may still have a higher number of tickets sold if one does not consider the ticket value.