TJ Maxx Hostage Taking Injures 1 Victim

A hostage taking occurring in a TJ Maxx store in Venice, Florida already claimed 1 injury. The hostage drama started at 9 PM Tuesday, November 17.TJ-Maxx-hostage-taking

The store is located at the Bird Bay Plaza, 452 N. US 41 Bypass. The area was closed down for the incident.

Herald Tribune reported that eight employees were taken hostage for three hours. Seven of the hostages were released unharmed but the final victim, a 16-year-old girl, was injured and had to be dragged out from the store in a blanket. NBC meanwhile reported that there are nine hostages.

A gunshot was heard shortly before midnight. Four hostages got out of the store at midnight and another four twenty minutes later. At that point, SWAT members entered the store.

Police has not yet located the gunmen as of 2 AM, Wednesday, November 18. The gunmen demands are still unclear as of the moment.

The employees were closing up for the night when the gunmen entered. The employees were oriented to obey and not to fight would-be robbers.