Tobacco Company Pulls Out from Kelly Clarkson Concert

The tobacco company Djarum has pulled out from sponsoring the upcoming concert of Kelly Clarkson in Jakarta,

The very firstĀ American Idol champion has previously refused to cancel her concert even after appeals from anti-tobacco groups requested her to do so. They believed that the star would technically be promoting smoking if she will proceed with the concert.

The Grammy Award winner said that she was not aware that a tobacco company would be sponsoring her show, thus she wouldn’t want to cancel it, as her fans would be the ones to suffer for the mistake made by the people who organized the event.

The promoter of the April 29 concert was able to reach a final agreement with Djarum to pullout. Billboard, television and other advertisements showing Clarkson with the cigarette brand LA Lights will be removed within the few days.

Clarkson is also slated to go on tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 25 and in Manila, Philippines on May 1.