Today is Paczki Day!

paczki day Today is Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday for people in New Orleans but in Hamtramck, Michigan it’s Paczki Day.

Pączki, (pronounced as punch-kee, ponch-kee, or poonch-kee) is a traditional Polish doughnut or deep-fried piece of dough shaped into flattened sphere filled with cream of gel made of different fruits. It is usually covered with powdered sugar or icing.

Paczki Day is the day where people with Polish descent celebrate in preparation for the start of the lenten season among Roman Catholic people. In the US, it is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday but in Poland, it takes place the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, called Tlusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday).

Paczki has been known in Poland while Polish US immigrants brought paczki to cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit and Hamtramck.


Happy Paczki Day!

[image via wikimedia / paczkiday]