Togo Decides to Play in African Cup

The national football team of Togo has decided to stay in Candiba, Angola to play after the bus carrying them into the tournament was ambushed last Friday.togo-thomas-dossevi

“In memory of the dead, the national team has decided to play in the African Nations Cup,” said Thomas Dossevi, one of the players.

The decision reverses an earlier statement that they are pulling out of the game. The Togo government has in fact, already recalled them.

“We are all heartbroken, it is no longer a party, but we want to show our national colours, our values and that we are men,” Dossevi continued.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Press reports that the Togo government is demanding an apology from Angola and the organizers of the 27th African Cup of Nations for sending the team through Candiba despite knowing that the area is a dangerous and risky zone.

There were three fatalities in the incident. The team’s spokesperson and assistant coach and the bus driver died.