Tom DeLay Gets 3 Years for Money Laundering, Conspiracy

Tom-DeLayFormer Texas Rep. Tom DeLay has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in funneling corporate contributions to several Republican state legislature candidates—a scheme that violated the state’s money-laundering law.

DeLay was found guilty by a jury in November of conspiring with two other persons to channel $190,000 in corporate contributions to the campaign funds of several party mates who ran in the 2002 state elections, the New York Times said in a report. Judge Pat Priest, who said before the sentencing that “what America is about is the rule of law,” gave DeLay three years for conspiracy and ten years probation for the money laundering charge. DeLay, however, remains free pending appeal after posting a $10,000 bail.

DeLay, a former Majority Whip and Majority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, maintained his innocence throughout the sentencing, saying that he “cannot be remorseful for something I didn’t think I did.” His lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, said that they are confident that the conviction would be reversed as the money-laundering law should not have been applied to his client’s case as the contributions were legitimate.