Top 5 Reasons to Go Green Besides Climate Change

go greenWhile many talks on climate change being debatable and controversial has been widespread, it is still important to go green with some more practical reasons. Here are the five most basic and practical reasons of going green, to the benefit of the person going green.

1. You save water – Water is no longer cheap with some places reaching an astronomical amount of Php 80 per cubic meter. Do not forget, whatever you are paying for water in per cbm basis, you have to pay its sewage treatment cost as well. Invariably, saving water also leads to savings in money. If you live in a place where you are water tank dependent, you will best understand the main reason behind this.

2. You save energy – Just as water is an expensive resource, energy is just as brutal in its cost. Our Php 9.5 per kwh makes us one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, energy cost in Asia. Each kilowatt saved per hour means a lot, especially when you see how it all adds up. One has to best find a way to manage electricity, and it is not just about changing lightbulbs. More has to be done to see the reality on energy consumption in a residence or office.

3. Recycling benefits – We all love to hog our old stuff and keep them in our storage. Let’s face it though, if we have not had the need for said product for the past 7 years, what are the chances we will need the 1920s lamp, or the old newspaper in the storage room? Clear up your storage and make money off recycling, it also means that the product is being constantly utilized, reducing its carbon footprint based on the carbon lifecycle system.

4. It is what you eat, breathe, and drink – Volatile Organic Compound is a major issue. You might not get sick now, but it is building up several possible diseases in our body. Watch out for VOCs in your paints and carpets. Just as important, the bleach and whatever chemical we use will be in our eating utensils, in the table we use, in the glasses of water we drink. We have to rethink what we are using in the house, it affects us too.

5. Plant your Benefits – Plants are vital in helping cool our place, it also helps produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide we exhale.Putting plants at home or in the office means bringing back the interdependence in nature that we need urgently.

You may be selfish to not think of others, but if you think about yourself and the people you care, going green is just as important anyways. Try to reflect on what lifestyle is being lived and contemplate, would this be what you want to feed to your children?

About the Author: Haresh Daswani is a contributor for National Free Press and Augusta Free Press, he is also an advocate of environmentalism, managing an environmental solutions company called Manhattan Green Solutions (