Top Chef Host to Battle Child Custody Suit

padma_lakshmiThe host of Primetime Emmy Award winner Top Chef suddenly found herself in another battle but this time as one fighting in it.

Padma Lakshmi, 40, will be battling for the custody of her nearly one year old daughter, Krishna, after the father, Adam Dell, filed a suit for full custody in Manhattan Supreme Court last Tuesday, January 25.

Dell, 41, and brother of Dell computer founder Michael Dell, has a current setup that allows him to see his daughter at least nine days every month until her first birthday.

Krishna turns one on February 20.

The couple has tried to come up with a new custody arrangement that will take effect after February 20, but has failed to do so.

“Adam Dell, above all else, wants to have an active and substantial role in the upbringing of his daughter with Padma Lakshmi,” Dell’s lawyer stated. “Mr. Dell has tried his best to avoid going to court.”

A representative for Lakshmi said that the television host would like to deal with the matter privately.