Top Database Systems For Your Enterprise

databaseFor large enterprises, a database system is a must, especially when the business deals with tons of information accumulated through the years. A data management system is a program that allows you to extract, store, and modify information from a database.

A variety of these programs are available, depending on the intended use. There are programs for small systems, and there are also programs for large systems.

Here are a few enterprise database systems that you can make use of for your business:

  1. Oracle – Oracle became available in 1979 as a relational database management system. Today, it is used by plenty of enterprises that must make use of impenetrable databases for their business. Oracle has plenty of features and offers many solutions for database needs. You can enroll in Oracle training online to learn about the different features the program offers. For many businesses, Oracle is the standard when it comes to management of data.
  2. MySQL – This is another program that can be depended on for managing databases. MySQL works with a client-server model and although it started small, it eventually grew to be one of the most sought after enterprise databases today. MySQL is more than just a database. It also provides several enterprise applications that can be useful for large businesses.
  3. DB2DB2 is a set of database server applications from IBM. It was first released in 1983. Initially, DB2 was only intended for IBM mainframes. However, it was later developed to cater to other platforms such as UNIX, Linux, and MS Windows servers. DB2 has several editions available, depending on your use. They have editions for advanced enterprises, workgroups, and developers.
  4. Sybase – Sybase is a relational database program that offers software for analyzing and managing information. Sybase offers several data management solutions including the Sybase Replication Server and the Advantage Database Server. They also offer analytics and mobility products for enterprises. They are now more focused on developing solutions for the mobile device market.
  5. Teradata – Teradata is another relational database management system that is geared towards managing large data warehouses. If you are working with a large database, this database system may be the best choice for you. They have been around since the late 1970’s and still continue to be data warehousing experts. Teradata was the first company who came up with a terabyte database in 1992.

These are just some of the top database systems that you can make use of for your business. Before choosing the solution for your enterprise, take time to research the features of each system, so that you can compare them and see which one is best for your type of business and the database that you have. You can narrow down the choices by choosing just three, and then compare their features to see which one you will benefit from the most.

There is no answer to which database system is perfect. However, you can choose one that provides solutions to the problems you are facing in your business.