Top Tips On How To Give Your Old Mac a Proper Makeover

Do you feel like spending time in front of your computer has become boring or uninteresting? Do you have to spend multiple hours per day in front of your screen, for business or work purposes? If the answer for any of those questions is yes, and especially if it’s for both, you are probably hating the time you have to spend with your laptop. Browsing the web or using other software can be fun but having to deal with the same exact system for a long period of time can get tedious and unsatisfying. When this happens, all you need to do is give your laptop a makeover and it’ll be like you bought a new computer, without actually spending money on new tech.

Picking out a new wallpaper
Some people aren’t really that tech savvy and don’t even bother changing their wallpaper. Seeing the same old image time and time again can really affect your perception about your laptop. Not only can it be boring, but the lack of anything interesting happening in the background of your laptop’s screen might even lead to you toning down on productivity levels.

When you don’t have anything motivating in front of you, you lose interest in what you’re doing. Luckily, it’s extremely simple to change your wallpaper. Simply go over to Desktop, under Desktop & Screen Saver, in General settings. From there, you can pick any image you have on your computer to be your new wallpaper. If you need some new images, check out sites like and start collecting neat looking wallpapers to cycle through.

Fiddle with your system themes
By going to the Appearance section under System Preferences > General, you can change the default theme of your system. Apple only gives you one option so it’s not that much of a choice, but if you’re bored with how your bars, menus and buttons currently look, you can give them the visual enhancement of the Graphite theme.
On top of that, some apps come with their own theme changing settings, so you can personalize individual apps and make sure that everything fits your new custom design.

Customize icons
Icons can also be customized. You can change the image used by a folder, or you can shrink or increase the size of an icon. If you want to make your icons pop, just go to View > Show View Options > Icon Size. From here, you can decide how big or small you like your apps. As for adding a custom image as the folder icon, simply copy the desired image to the clipboard, and then use the File > Get Info feature in Finder, on the folder that you want to edit. From there, simply click on the image icon and select Edit> Paste.
All these modifications can make your Mac look like a completely new machine. You can breathe some new life into it just by tweaking some parameters here and there, which goes to show you that you don’t have to spend thousands just because your Mac isn’t doing it for you anymore, visually.