Torrent Indexer isoHunt Found Guilty of Inducing Infringement

A US federal court has ruled against torrent indexer isoHunt. It declared the site as guilty for inducing copyright infringement and that is has a similar case like that of Napster, and Grokster.isohunt

The case started after Columbia, Disney, Tristar, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers issued a complaint against the site in 2006.

The ruling stated that the site has a “purposeful, culpable expression and conduct, aimed at promoting infringing uses of the websites.” It has also ruled that isoHunt made users become involved in issues related to copyrighted works. Gary Fung, administrator of the site, has argued it does not have any content and therefore does not infringe. However, the ruling was against inducing copyrights infringement.

Among the items on the site that were considered as copyright inducements are the “Top 20 Movies” or the “Box Office Movies” section. The metatags used were also similar to those used in