Toyota Prius Brake Defect Uncovered

Toyota Motor Corp. seems to be doing nothing right these days. Less than a month after recalling more than two million vehicles due to defective accelerator pedals, Toyota could be headed for another massive headache. Reports said over one hundred complaints have been filed in various Toyota offices regarding problems with the anti-lock brake system of the best-selling Prius.

Car owners have reportedly noticed a delay in the hybrid vehicle’s brakes, especially in slippery conditions. The Prius is programmed to switch from hydraulic brakes to electronic ones during wet driving conditions. Toyota officials in Japan admitted that they changed the Prius’ electronic brake system’s software starting with the 2010 models after programmers discovered a glitch. The software problem causes a vehicle’s brake to take a fraction of a second longer to take effect. A Toyota official said the company is already investigating the matter.

The latest trouble could lead to more losses for Toyota, which is expected to spend more than $ 1 billion for the repairs of the defective gas pedals alone.