Transsexual Sportswriter Suspected of Committing Suicide

Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner‘s body was found at his home and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Coroner officials have not yet made any autopsy but suspects that Penner committed suicide. mike-penner-chrstine-daniels

Penner hit the news two years ago when he announced that he will take a vacation and when he gets back he will be a woman going by the name Christine Daniels. A year later, he transitioned back to being Mike Penner.

He has been part of the paper for 25 years, transitioning from being a reporter, a columnist and writer covering various topics from the Major League Baseball, National Football League, tennis, World Cup and the Olympics.

As Daniels, he also wrote on his blog Woman in Transition which he dropped after going back to being Mike Penner.

The last column he was working on is Totally Random, which is focused on historic moments in sports. His last article was published November 15.

The writer was married to fellow Los Angeles Times sports writer Lisa Dillman. He was 52.