Tropical Storm Agatha Downs 150 in Central America

Tropical Storm Agatha killed 150 people and left thousands homeless in Central America, reports said.

Due to floods and landslides, dozens of people were also reported missing, while emergency and rescue crews make their best efforts to reach isolated communities cut off by washed-out roads and collapsed bridges.

In Guatemala, considered as the hardest hit by the tropical storm, 123 were reported dead while around 90 were missing.

According to Gov. Erick de Leon, landslides buried dozens of rural Indian communities and killed at least 60 at a Guatemela province called Chimaltenango.

“The department has collapsed,” de Leon said. “There are a lot of dead people. The roads are blocked. The shelters are overflowing. We need water, food, clothes, blankets — but above all, money.”

Overall, around 110,000 people were evacuated in Guatemala, while thousands more fled their homes in neighboring Honduras, where the death toll rose to 17 while meteorologists predicted three more days of rain.