‘True Grit’ tops North American box office, ‘Country Strong’ flops

Country Strong Flops

I always make it a point to watch all the Hollywood flicks starring big-name stars regardless of how awful the reviews are because I don’t wanna feel left out during conversations. But after watching Country Strong, I think I’m gonna break my habit.

The story is an all-too-familiar one—the sex, the drugs and all the drama before the sought after return to limelight. Unsurprisingly, the country music melodrama starring Gwyneth Paltrow came in sixth place at this weekend’s box office with $7.3 million as the movie expanded from a two-city run to 1,424 theaters. The film was relatively inexpensive to make, but still…

True Grit took the No. 1 spot with $15 million, and Black Swan continued to soar with $8.4 million in ticket sales.

Here’s a rundown of the top-grossing films, per Friday-Sunday estimates compiled by Hollywood.com:

1.True Grit, $15 million
2.Little Fockers, $13.8 million
3.Season of the Witch, $10.7 million
4.Tron: Legacy, $9.8 million
5.Black Swan, $8.4 million
6.Country Strong, $7.3 million
7.The Fighter, $7.0 million
8.The King’s Speech, $6.8 million
9.Yogi Bear, $6.81 million
10.Tangled, $5.2 million