‘Twilight’ hottie Ashley Greene scorches up the pages of Maxim


Alice Cullen, known to those non-Twilight fans as Ashley Greene, looks extremely hot on two different covers of Maxim’s December 2009 issue out on Nov. 17. Two covers? Well, I guess it’s some kind of marketing strategy to get you to buy two copies of the same mag.

Speaking to Maxim, the 22-year-old actress has admitted she dreams of becoming a Bond Girl.

“I want to hit up James Bond,” she confessed. “That would be awesome.”

Ashley is currently learning MMA to be able to fight in a scene in Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight film series. She hopes the preparation will also help her land her dream role in 007’s upcoming adventures.

Regarding her character on the vampire flick, she said: “Oh, my God, I wanted this part so badly! I worked my butt off for it because I absolutely love Alice. “She’s sweet, sexy, and a killer! So when they told me I got it, I tried to play it all cool, you know, for about a minute.”

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