Twitblogs is Twitter and Blogging in one

Do you use Twitter? Oh yes! I know you like it! But, do you think it’s a little restricting because of the 140 character limit? And you think it’s a little boring because you cannot add pictures and videos like a normal blogging platform can? Well, here comes Twitblogs and it’s currently on Alpha version.

Twitblogs is a complimentary blogging platform to Twitter, allowing you to say more than 140 characters when the need arises. It also enables you to share your pictures and videos with your Twitter friends and followers.

Twitblogs is hosted by EveryCity and runs on Sun Microsystems OpenSolaris using Apache, MySQL as well as Zend PHP – aka the “SAMP” Stack. Furthermore Twitblogs uses Amazon’s S3 to host all your images and Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network to rapidly distribute them. [via Twitblogs]

Twitblogs’ primary aim was to replicate your Twitter environment. You can use the same Twitter credentials, look & feel whilst offering a rudimentary blogging platform.

If you want to just share pictures and videos, I suggest you try FriendFeed.