“Twitter” – Most Popular Word of the Year

The Global Language Monitor declared the word “twitter” as the most popular word for the year 2009 while “global warming” is top word of the decade.twitter-page

The social network site has been consistently on news outlets for opinion polls and by various personalities to express statements. The irony is that the runner-up word “Obama” is the name of the president who admitted that he doesn’t use Twitter. Barack Obama however was the top name of the year, which in turn defeated runner-up Michael Jackson. However, “King of Pop”, a title attributed to Jackson was voted top phrase of the year.

Meanwhile, “global warming” has been chosen as top word of the decade for the enormous and conscious effort for environmental awareness. It is rightly timed for next week’s world climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Almost three weeks ago, the New Oxford American Dictionary declared “unfriend” as word of the year, another word related to the social networking phenomenon.