Two Trains Crash in India, Maoists Suspected to be Responsible

At least 65 people were killed and 200 were injured after a high-speed train in New Delhi, India collided with a goods train on Friday. Officials believe it was a sabotage, and Maoist rebels are suspected to be responsible.

The incident took place in an area believed to be populated by Maoist rebels. The rebels have been known to perpetrate train attacks in recent months, apparently as part of their fight for the rights of the poor and the landless.

According to Samar Ghosh, Home Secretary of the West Bengal state where the tragedy happened, death toll could rise, judging from the mangled wreckage of the capsized carriages.

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said a bomb could have caused the crash. The police, on the other hand, are also searching for other sabotage methods.

Senior railway official Vivek Sahay also related to the reporters that the driver heard a loud noise, indicating that there could be a blast. “A detail investigation will reveal more, but definitely there was a lot of tinkering done to the tracks. It was definitely a sabotage,” he said.

Moreover, a portion of the tracks was found missing, according to West Bengal official Ghosh.

Across the eastern and central India, there are believed to be thousands of Maoists rebels. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the insurgency is the country’s biggest internal security challenge, and his congress are upping their political pressure to handle this.