U.K. Man Tattoos Prince William, Kate on his Teeth

Prince-William-Kate-Middleton-Teeth-TattooYou think you’re the biggest fan of Prince William and Kate Middleton? Think again.

A 29-year-old British plumber has showed just how much he loves the Royal couple by having Prince William and Kate’s likeness tattooed on his two front teeth. Barmy Baz Franks shelled out around $1,667 of his hard-earned money to have the teeth tattoo, known as “gnasher tats” in the United Kingdom. A dentist at Bristol’s Clifton Dental Studio, Dr. Neil Gerrard, reportedly carried out the painstaking work by using stencils and ultra-fine brushes.

The gnasher tats could last up to three months, depending on how hard and often Franks brushes his teeth. Franks said he did the bizarre act out of his love for the Royal family. “I love the Royal Family and this was my way of lending my support to their Big Day,” the bachelor plumber reportedly told SWNS.com.

For showing his love for the Royal family on his teeth, Franks won hands down NBC’s “The Today” show’sĀ The Windsor Knot contest and got the top prize of, according to the network, Ridicule!