U.N. OKs Military Action Against Libya

The United Nations Security Council voted Thursday night to allow military action against Libya in a move that could result in an assault in the coming days.

Libyan rebels celebrated on the streets after the U.N. decision to declare a no-fly zone over the North African country was announced, even as Moammar Gadhafi’s forces continued to advance towards what could be a major siege of the city of Benghazi, the center of the rebellion. The U.N. vote was reached after supporters of the military action led by France and the United Kingdom convinced the Security Council of the need to stop Gadhafi on his tracks. The resolution, which allows all “necessary measures” to protect civilians, was given the green light after receiving ten votes from the 15-member Security Council. No member opposed the move but Brazil, China, Germany, India, and Russia all abstained.

French officials indicated that an attack could take place in a matter of hours. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said that it was imperative for the U.N. to move fast. “We should not arrive too late,” Juppe said.