U.S. 2018 World Cup Bid Gets Boost From Bill Clinton

President-Bill-ClintonThe United States’ mission to bring the World Cup to America in 2018 got a major boost as former President Bill Clinton has publicly announced his support for the bid. Clinton, who was president when the U.S. hosted the sport spectacle in 1994, was named honorary chairman of the U.S. bid.

Clinton said the World Cup will give the struggling U.S. economy a major boost, saying that host cities could earn “an economic stimulus estimated between $400-$600 million each.” “That will be very good for a lot of families that are still hurting, a lot of communities that are still digging out from under the current economic crisis.”

The United States, which is also bidding for the 2022 edition of the World Cup, is competing against Australia, England, Russia, Belgium-Netherlands, and Spain-Portugal for the 2018 edition of the event. Clinton’s political power will be tested against celebrity player David Beckham, who is going all-out for England’s bid.