U.S. Jobs Bill Hurdles First Obstacle

A Democratic-sponsored bill aimed at creating jobs for Americans survived an attempt to derail it through a filibuster by the Republicans, raising chances that it would be passed by the U.S. Senate before the end of the week.

The Democrats garnered the needed votes to kill off the filibuster attempt, thanks to handful of GOPs who voted for the advancement of the bill, which seeks to allocate $ 15 billion for jobs creation. A large chunk of the bill’s proposed budget, $ 13 million, will be used to cover for Social Security taxes that the government is willing to waive this year in favor of companies that hire people who have been unemployed for at least 60 days.

The Republican supporters of the bill were led by Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, whose recent win ended decades-long dominance of Democrats in the state. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the only Democrat to vote against the bill, which proponents believe can create tens of thousands of jobs.