U.S. Navy Captures Somali Pirates

The U.S. Navy has arrested five Somali pirates after a brief exchange of fire off the waters of East Africa in another brazen attack by bandits. The USS Nicholas was traversing international waters when the pirates aboard a small boat opened fire on the U.S. frigate.

The U.S. Navy ship retaliated and eventually sunk the motorized boat. Aside from arresting the five pirates involved in the attack, the U.S. Navy also confiscated a ship believed to be owned by the Somali bandits. The attack on the USS Nicholas is the second in just over a week against a military warship. Last weekend, Dutch soldiers captured 12 pirates after the Hr. Ms. Tromp was mistakenly attacked off the coast of Somalia.

Piracy experts suspect that the pirates may not be fully aware that what they are attacking are actually military ships. Roger Middleton of the U.K.-based Chatham House said that “it’s also quite possible that they don’t have a full understanding of the targets they are attacking. Perhaps they just see a big ship they think is a worth a lot of money.”