U.S. Searches for 2 Missing Soldiers in Afghanistan

The U.S. military in Afghanistan has launched an all-out search for two servicemen who went missing on Friday, with local officials saying that the soldiers may have been captured by the Taliban.

The capture comes as five American soldiers were killed in two separate bombings on the same day, bringing the July death toll to 56 based on data by icasualties.org. The U.S. military sent helicopters to search for the missing soldiers and offered a $20,000 reward to any one who can provide information about the whereabouts of the two soldiers.

On Saturday, there were unconfirmed reports that one of the soldiers may have been executed, said a spokesman for the government of Logar province, where the military men were last seen. The Taliban has reportedly confirmed that the soldiers were captured but the insurgents have not issued any demands in exchange for the Americans.

Reports said the two Americans, who were not in uniform, were driving a civilian vehicle in a dangerous area in Logar when they were captured. It was not known why the soldiers were in the area.