UFC 92 Results: The Ultimate 2008

ufc-92-the-ultimate-2008Here are the fight results for UFC 92 – “The Ultimate” including the World Light Heavyweight Championship match of Griffin and Evans, the Interim Heavyweight Championship for Nogueira and Mir, and the Light Heavyweight rematch between Jackson and Silva.

Forrest Griffin  vs. Rashad Evans

“R3 – Griffin throws a leg kick that Evans catches and takes Griffin to the ground where he brutalizes him with ground and pound, but Griffin survives. Evans lands a right hand that hurts Griffin. He continues with a series of right hands that hurt Griffin badly. Evans lands several more and Griffin taps out.”

Rashad Evans def. Forrest Griffin by TKO at 2:46, R3

Forrest Griffin is now the World Light Heavyweight Champion.

Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

Frank Mir won against Antonio Rodrigo 1:54 in the second round. Mir will face The current Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar on the next UFC. Lesnar is actually rooting for Mir so he can fight him for a rematch as Mir is the person who gave him his first UFC loss.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

“One punch put him(Silva) completely to sleep,” says analyst Joe Rogan.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson def. Wanderlei Silva by KO at 3:21, R1

Jackson finally had his revenge and a brutal highlight-reel knockout to match the ones Silva gave him in 2003 and 2004.

Other UFC 92 Results

Pat Berry defeated Dan Evenson at 2:36 of the first round after a knee injury from low kicks forced Evenson to quit.

Brad Blackburn defeated Ryo Chonan by a score of 29-28 on all judges’ cards.

Matt Hamill defeated Reese Andy at 2:19 of round two by TKO after taking Andy’s back and raining punches.

Antoni Hardonk defeated Mike Wessel by TKO after gaining full mount and landing multiple punches.

Yushin Okami defeated Dean Lister by a score of 30-27 on all judges’ scorecards.

Cheick Kongo defeated Mustapha Al-Turk as referee Mazzagatti calls the fight at 4:37 of the first round.

Dollaway won as Mike Massenzio can’t defend himself while laying face down on the mat.

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