UFO photo claimed by tabloid to be proof of alien existence

A lot of people believe in UFOs, flying saucers, spacecrafts from another planet or whatever you want to call it.

So why is it that a lot of people believe in them, when the huge majority of us have never seen one? One of the bases perhaps is because of the huge volume of reported sightings from around the world.

Now, the British tabloid The Sun, brags about its UFO photo and claims to be “one of the most important ever pieces of evidence of alien life.”

A stunned visitor to Dudley Castle in the West Midlands captured the astonishing image, and sent it to a police detective who collects latest UFO sightings.

I want to believe in this claim… but I don’t see any alien aircraft in this picture. Yes there’s an Oreo cookie. And it looks yummy!

The number of sightings rose from 2006 in UK, when 97 unidentified aircraft were reported. A number of callers claim they saw a “definite UFO”.