Uganda Rejects Female Circumcision

A community in eastern Uganda has banned the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), an official has said.

Historically, natives of Kapchorwa believed that a woman who married without first being circumcised would be stricken for life with various illnesses.

Kapchorwa district chairman Nelson Chelimo said it was “outmoded” and “not useful” for the community’s women.

The Sabiny are the only group in Uganda that practices female circumcision, which involves cutting off a young girl’s clitoris.

“The community decided that it was not useful, that women were not getting anything out of it, so the district council decided to establish an ordinance banning it,” Mr Chelimo told AFP news agency.

According to the United Nations, about three million girls in Africa are at risk of this practice each year. The UN passed a resolution that called female genital mutilation a violation of the rights of women. They say it leads to bleeding, shock, infections and a higher rate of death for new-born babies.