UK spy chief’s personal details can be found on Facebook


British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has acknowledged that details about the personal life and home of the new incoming MI6 chief can be found on Facebook. He denies, however, that they compromise the country’s overall security.

John Sawers, the incoming chief of MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service of Britain, and of James Bond fame, is also currently the British ambassador to the United Nations.

Sawers’ wife allegedly posted information about their family, home and lifestyle on the social networking site Facebook, British media reported Sunday. These information have subsequently been taken offline.

“You know he wears Speedo, swim, swimming, swimsuit… I mean what is that? I mean, that’s not a state secret,” said Miliband about the whole fiasco. “The fact that there is a picture, the head of MI6 goes swimming. I mean, wow! That really is exciting. It is not a state secret.”